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This Is Roseline One of My Student who was able to make N859K in a week under my Mentorship

And this is Prince Udoh One of My Student who was able to get an apartment for himself and furnish it massively 

“Making money is a great formula when you decide to learn from a professionally trained millionaire mentor.”

Here’s a short story about Kassy who grew up broke, A guy who couldn't afford two meals daily. 

Kassy was at one time a university student who struggles with education, finance, he struggled with life and not only was he a university student.

He was also a strong willed athlete who has a knack for basketball and his utmost dream then was to become a professional NBA player but even that didn’t work out as he was deprived of visa on several trials…..

Life seemed to be all against Kassy. Which led him to drop out from university as he was a young man trying to keep up with his big dreams which he had finally been cut short of as he had no more money to sustain him nor try again to see if he’d get his visa.

Now the story seems to have ended. Maybe kassy isn't destined for greatness after all.

Everything seemed the same till he finally decided to go into the internet space with the same effort he had put in other things he tried then he went from one Ponzi scheme to the other which all failed him.

But to cut the story short, he finally got into digital marketing which has been his major source of revenue and brought him to the forefront of a large list of business personalities.

Now Who is Kassy???

I am Kassy Below...

The same person in the story.

My name is Eze Jacob Kasiemobi, a.k.a. Kassy money. I am about to take you on the most extraordinary adventure of your life where you’re going to become a fully reformed human. 

"I grew up broke and now I am a multi millionaire. I teach  the secrets to modern wealth creation."

Ever since my success in the digital marketing world (which wasn’t an easy task for me at all).

I’ve noticed not so many people have the same guts as me even though the guts are there but you just don’t seem to know how to unlock your potential to abundant wealth and my utmost goal was to create a system that will make it very easy for the next generation of digital marketers, for you. 

So I’ve brought together all my experience and knowledge of how I went from making N17,000  a week to nothing less than N5 million a week.

Which I call the U.I.G. (Ultimate Income Generator).

My First Earning which was N17k in a week while I was still Struggling

And My N5 Million Naira in A week Payment When I started Cracking some codes

But aside from this 5 million naira a week, here are some very amazing things I’ve been able to achieve with the Ultimate Income Generator.


This is when I made N1.7 million in a single day Just as you can see below.

I bought a Land for 15million naira in the 

space of 6 months through Affiliate Marketing

Through Affliate Marketing  I Was Able To Startup my own 



And this did not only make me richer but also made me the best digital marketer at that time and which got the winning prize of $3,000 (over 2 million naira from Mr Toyin Omotosho - A business Guru and Expertnaire founder) for the best affiliate on Expertnaire.


And this didn’t end here. With the exceptionally easy to implement system of the UIG, I won different sales challenges, one in 2022 when I went on an all paid vacation to Qatar for the 2022 fifa World Cup.

Me when I went to Qatar After winning

All paid Expenses Trip to Qatar for the 2022 fifa World Cup

When I met with Billionaire Toyin Omotoso 

one of my biggest mentor who I have been praying to meet

When I met with Nigeria Nollywood Star RMD in Qatar

And this is me here again in January 2023,

when I won the sales challenge for best affiliates to a sponsor trip to Rwanda

All these are the kinds of lifestyle you wish to live which I am already living. I’m living your dreams, Fella!

So I can tell you with my experience that if you take the step of getting the Ultimate Income Generator and decide to work with me, you’ll certainly get the success you deserve. 

And this is not only an easy step by step guide to help you make your first million, but also a realization of a goal for me.


The U.I.G is a straightforward step-by-step implementable strategies/formulas that top business personnel have used to scale up their incomes.

And with the Ultimate Income Generator, you have the most advanced training that’s going to help you create multiple income streams.

Here’s my Teaching Philosophy.

  • Learn how to make money through action not TELEVISION.

  • Go from a slow decision maker to working with SPEED.

  • Get you to make money as soon as possible.

  • Get real results.

What Do you get Access to in the UIG COURSE 

  • Access To 3 Months Free Valpulse Affiliate Account
  • Easy to follow steps for financial success. ($100)

  • Full Google Training.           ($139)
  • Full Facebook /Instagram Training.   ($59)

  • TikTok Blueprint.           ($69)

  •  Email Marketing          ($70)

  •  whatsapp marketing.   ($55)

  • Twitter  Monetization Blueprint ($50)

  • Whatsapp marketing.   ($55)
  • Access to full whatsapp automation like autoresponder and Autosaver and Tasker.      ($160/month)
  • Full Graphic Design Program.   ($150)
  • How to sell with a Webinar.    ($40)
  • Sales Closing And Offer Creation. ($237)
  • How To Sign Up On All Affiliate Platforms and Understand them. (free)
  • Access to A  Live support Group. 
  • Live session Every Monday Night.
  • Organic Traffic On Nairaland And Youtube.
  • Access to premium versions of autoresponder and Tasker. ($87/month)
  • How to design your website using carrd and Blogger. (Free).

To get access to all these skills will cost you $1,200.

Now do you have your $1,200 because that’s the worth.

But no, you won’t be paying that amount, neither will you pay $100 per month nor will you pay $500 one time payment.

The Ultimate Income Generator is sold for N120,000 ($155). But I’ve decided to do something really amazing. 

You’ll be getting full access to the U.I.G (ultimate income generator) at a discount rate of N30,000. Amazing! Right?.

You can still get access to the UIG at a very convenient price  but not N120,000 this time and consider this my highest form of generosity.

 As the  access to all these amazing skills (the U.I .G) will be at a steal price of  N20,000.

So what are you waiting for?  Now is the best time.


Now you’re thinking; “If it’s so great, why so cheap?”

Well, over the years, I’ve seen people struggle with how to make money and most of the opportunities they get are either too expensive or invaluable. So I’ve made this program with you in mind.

And this is your chance to make your way into wealth as the  price won’t stay low forever.



(limited time offer )

Price increases to N120k soon


Here are some special benefits of getting the U.I.G. to you.

  • with the ultimate income generator, you have all it takes to promote your digital business and even your physical business.

  • With all the promotional tools you’ll be getting, you can decide not to be a marketer as you will get information that will help you become an ad expert.(you can become a professional advertiser.
  • You can become a full time web designer.
  • You may not want to be a marketer who promotes products and runs ads. If you put in work, the Ultimate Income Generator can take you to a level of expertise and you can be a business mentor or coach.

Why is the Ultimate Income Generator your way to success?

  • It equips you with a multiple wealth creation method.

  • Gives you access to millionaires mentorship.

  • No experience needed.

  • 100% online.

  • Location independence.

  • Scale up to 7-figures or more.

  • Learn advanced marketing tools.

  • Learn how to not only make money but also how to multiply money.

  • Automation - you’ll get all the automated tools you need to earn even as you sleep.

  • Get real results - I’m going to give you the real secret to financial independence which if you already know, you won’t be on this page.


Here Are The Results Of Some Of My Students Who Are Under My Mentorship

The Ultimate Income Generator has successfully Transformed hundreds of lives through this unique educational system and you are no different.

I will transform you into a money maker.

Note: U. I. G is all about ACTION, success is not guaranteed. It’s up to you to do the work.



Hear What some of my students have to say

This is Chris that is able to make over 300K every week through my mentorship

This Is Boniface a 17 year old who is able to make his first 1million naira under my mentorship

Yusuf has been able to over 2.5 million naira and making 6figures consistently everyweek

This is my student who makes 300k consistently everyweek under my mentorship

This is my Cliton my 15 year old student who makes at least 200k every week and has been able to get a smartphone for himself and his sister 

This is my student Roseline who makes over 500k consistently every week under my mentorship

Here are some reviews from people who have gotten the UIG

Frequently Asked Questions.

How quickly will I make my money back?

It depends on how seriously you take The Ultimate Income Generator.

But many of my students made their money back in a couple of weeks.

Note: Everything taught within The Ultimate Income Generator is for education purposes only. It is up to each student to implement and do the work.

The U. I. G  doesn’t guarantee any profits or financial success.

So you gotta take action and be intentional about your success.

Do I need money once I’ve gotten the UIG?

Not necessarily.

Once you get the UIG, many of my students chose to run paid ads and get official websites and saw great success!

  which are the only things that require money and are solely individual decisions.

We are going to teach you organic ways of building your business without money requirements.

Does my age really not matter?

No, but we encourage anyone under the age of 18 to make sure to be intentional about their interests.

Instead of getting the newest video games or sitting in front of TV  just to find them boring in a week, you can join our community, start your business and shock your friends and family by becoming the kid who’s leveling up in real life.

I know nothing about the skills you teach. Is it a problem?

Of course not.

This is a mentoring program, and you are here to learn from me. Just follow my step-by-step lessons and guidance, and you will start a profitable business.

I don't have a lot of time available, can I still apply?

The methods I teach are designed for rapid execution.

So all you need is a minimum of 30 minutes a day to watch the video guides and apply what you’ve learned.

I live in X country. Is it a problem?

Not at all.

With the Ultimate Income Generator, you’ll learn how to make money, so it doesn’t matter where you are.Your location will only change the currency of your earnings. And you’ll always receive your full payment in whatever currency you use.

I do not have a laptop so I don’t know if I can still get the ultimate income generator.

All you need to succeed with the Ultimate Income Generator is a smartphone, good internet connection and your willingness to work.

Now one thing is guaranteed, if you do not fail yourself, then my system can never fail you.

Do you want to be financially free?……..


But if you’re still being skeptical and are not ready to succeed…..

30 Days Money Back Guarantee

You Are Covered By 30-Day Refund Policy provided you can show proof that you have done everything as taught in the course and you are not able to make money through Affiliate Marketing.


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