Here Are The Things You Will Get From The UIG Blueprint

  • Easy to follow steps for financial success. ($100)

  •  Full Google Training.           ($139)

  • Full Facebook /Instagram Training.   ($59)

  • TikTok Blueprint.           ($69)

  •  whatsapp marketing.   ($55)

  • Access to full whatsapp automation like autoresponder and Autosaver and Tasker.      ($160/month)

  •  Full Graphic Design Program.   ($150)

  • How to sell with a Webinar.   ($40)

  • Sales Closing And Offer Creation. ($237)

  • How To Sign Up On All Affiliate Platforms and Understand them. (free)

  • Twitter  Monetization Blueprint ($50)

  • Access to A  Live support Group. 

  • Live session Every Monday Night.

  • Organic Traffic On Nairaland And Youtube. 

  • Access to premium versions of autoresponder and Tasker. ($87/month)

  • How to design your website using carrd and Blogger. (Free)


  • with the ultimate income generator, you have all it takes to promote your digital business and even your physical business.

  • With all the promotional tools you’ll be getting, you can decide not to be a marketer as you will get information that will help you become an ad expert.(you can become a professional advertiser.

  • You can become a full time web designer.

  • You may not want to be a marketer who promotes products and runs ads. If you put in work, the Ultimate Income Generator can take you to a level of expertise and you can be a business mentor or coach.



Price goes to 30k after 72 hours